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Electronic Eulogy

Clearly one of the bright spots to rise up out of the so-called Electroclash debacle. Where groups like Chicks On Speed and Felix Da Housecat ultimately end up creating dance-floor anthems, G&C have been that weird brother hiding in the corner... (More Info. Here)

Songs found: Promenade, Wimbledon Headband, Headed Home, Electronic Eulogy, Culdesac, Intermission - skinned knee, Promise Me, Daydream Apple, Dictionary Dream, Bathtub, Finale - end credits

Fate's First Lonely Night

Second self released album by george&caplin. +"The child within any of us never really dies; it just takes on a new form. Today those George and Caplin cul-de-sac days and childhood memories are a close as the slide of a CD, the strum of a... (More Info. Here)

Songs found: Railway Yearn, Brainscratch, Lightpole Lullaby, Rustling Leaves, Morning Crumb, Implode, Coping, Fate's First Lonely Night, Floorboard Home, Enfold, Dusk, Un Neige, Ten Minutes

He Really Got Through To Advertising

THEY really get through. g&c's backwards looping under-coat melodics seep like a musical IV into nourishment-hungry heads. Warm acoustics resonate over warbling electronics, palpitating into slow, sentient rhythms. "Dreamo" has... (More Info. Here)

Songs found: Highway Drive, He Really Got Through..., Horse Fair 132, I Wish It Was Colder, Nebraska Broadcasters, Bluff Lake forgotten, Silhouettes Astray

The Nature of Leaving

First self released album by george&caplin. +"...could be the stateside Sigur Ros." -Sponic Zine +"... The two masters of musical disguise pull out more tricks than Ziegfried and Roy looped on wine... (More Info. Here)

Songs found: Before Right Now, The Nature Of Leaving, A Lover's Sigh, Evening Walk, Yorkshire, Cope, A Beloved's Evanesce, Mr. Poly, All Clear, Seasons, Gone, Hooray For Everything

Things Past

george&caplin are like that oddly gorgeous bush growing in the backyard. No sooner does it seem that its sweet bloom has died back for the season, when suddenly a new sprout opens with a different series of miraculous colours. Viz, just this side... (More Info. Here)

Songs found: Outskirts of Combray, Things Past, Stationwagon Sleepingbag, Her Kleenex Laughter, Windowpane Rain, Meringue Memories, Fields Talk, Kickboard Anchor, Filmstrips Fade, Roaming, Earl Grey Day, Stolen Scone