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Noise-maker's Fifes


Noise-Maker's Fifes & Luc Van Lieshout - Corps(e). Soundtrack to a theatrical performance from mid 1990's. Two hours of intense dark soundtrack music.More Info. Here)

Songs found: X, Y, Z, Additional Recordings, Il Ladro Di Carne, Matter Of Fact


Soundtrack of Morfogenesi Performed live at the Cantieri Culturali All Zia-palermo, the 19th of Dec. 1998 By Noise-maker’s Fifes.
One 60 minute track.More Info. Here)

Songs found: Soundtrack of 'Morfogenesi'


Another in a fine series of enigmatic environmental growls from sonic heroes NMF. Pinging a bit like the audio equivalent of random and drifting thoughts whilst on the subway to work, NMF have an uncanny way of stringing together the disparate sounds... (More Info. Here)

Songs found: Muzook 1.1, Muzook 1.2, Muzook 2.1, Muzook 2.2, Muzook 3.1, Muzook 3.2

Soirée Dansante

Performers for this incarnation of NMF - Adam Bohman (tracks: 2, 3) , Eric Faes , Geert Feytons , Greg Jacobs , Timo Van Luyk Soundtrack to a theatrical performance from mid... (More Info. Here)

Songs found: Lapin 1, Lapin 2, Lapin 3, Lapin 4, Lapin 5, Lapin 6, Surprise 1, Surprise 2, Surprise 3, Anubis 1, Anubis 2, Anubis 3, Anubis 4, Raga 1, Raga 2, Raga 3

Soundscapes Of The Inner Eye

Performer, Recorded By, Edited By, Mixed By, Music By - Geert Feytons , Timo Van Luyk Notes: Track 1 recorded during 1992 & 1993; mixed on 4-track on 17 January 1993 in Amsterdam. Track 2 recorded & mixed on 4-track 17-18 January 1993 in... (More Info. Here)

Songs found: Beyond Description, Burnt By Ice, Dead City, The Battló House #2, The Battló House #1