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Belles Betes

Warning: not recommended for listening in buildings without earthquake retrofitting: Nadja’s doom-fuzz may crack foundations and/or reduce nearby objects to jelly. However, Nadja, here performing a quartet of solo Aidan Baker covers, maintains a... (More Info. Here)

Songs found: Sand Like Skin, Beautiful Machine, Machina, Chainsaw, Green and Cold, Wound Culture


Nadja - DOM - Live Feb 26... (More Info. Here)

Songs found: Breakpoint (Version), Thaumogeneis (Version), Bond of Blood, Long Dark 20s

Under the Jaguar Sun

Available for download are the two albums that form 'Under the Jaguar Sun', the bonus CD side from the vinyl version mixed by Edward Ka-Spel and the hour long 'Under the Jaguar Sun 'Zaireeka Mix" which mixes album one and two together for a third... (More Info. Here)

Songs found: Under the Jaguar (Zaireeka Mix), sun6wormwood (Edward Ka-Spel Mix), jaguar, Ocelotonatiuh, sun2windstorm, Ehecatonatiuh, sun3fieryrain, Quiuhtonatiuh, flood, Atonatiuh, sun5earthquake, Nahui-ollin