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"There's a method (actually several methods) to their madness. A combined re-release of an 1986 EP and a 1990 LP by an obscure but talented band, this set not only dabbles with the standard RIO mix of jazz, rock and European folk idioms, but also... (More Info. Here)

Songs found: Idol (1), Idol, Decompte, Sadyhook, ..., Composition aux 2 couleurs, Boum De La Tete, [...], ...2, Le 14 Eme, Non, Merci Mr Laborit, El Fin, Shy Society at the Bird Parade, Idol 2, Asaphum, Le Femme au Travail, Roube et Bleu, s_i_x, underground woman, thousand days, vitellus

Experiences de Survie

1999 CD release by La STPO. In my top five albums of all time! -chris/BlRR. "Between war-rock, poetical songs and techno-vocals , this CD contains one of the most innovative music of this end of century. A must!" Pere Ubu, Kraftwerk, Ruins... (More Info. Here)

Songs found: Markale, Mecontent, Bebalanbibant, Stupnide - Soumgait, 3 experiences de survie, Meurtrie, Skylab, Un Contraste d'or

L’Enciversel Marsac

May 98 : 3 tracks-CD single « L’Enciversel Marsac... (More Info. Here)

Songs found: 3 Expériences De Survie (version), Markale 2 (version), Barfüßerkirch In Erfurt (version)

Le Combat Occulté

It's strange to think that a score of years ago the world was just emerging from the last of its new wave haze, only to enter a brave new era of over produced, digitally recorded schlock. La STPO was borne into this miasma of mediocrity with knives... (More Info. Here)

Songs found: Avant, Prelude, Techniques Explositionnistes, L'Explositionniste (v), IciMesAmis, Armenie, Babalanbebant, Le Bris Agentreur, Corsaires De Nerf, Equilibre, Dada Max Stellt Loplop Vor (v), Markale 2 (live 98), Les Barbares, Thousand Days (v), Un, Shy Society at the Bird Parade (v), El Bolero, Dis Moi Que..., ... J'Attends La Pluie, El Fin (v), Idol (v), Ebauche

Les Amis de la Société

Released November 1989 : cassette-C45 on the Italian label Minus... (More Info. Here)

Songs found: Le Voleur et le Pistolet (live), Faction Credule (live), Thousand Days (version), El Bolero (version), Equilibre (version), Shy Society At the Bird Parade (version), Les Barbares (version), Oui (version), Un (version), Rouge, Bleu, Orange (version), Avant (version)

Les Explositionnistes

First full length CD album from 1995 by STPO. Highly recommended avant... (More Info. Here)

Songs found: DaDaMax stellt Loplop vor, Un Squelette Antique, Le Portrait de Dora Maar, Rouge, Blue, Orange, Who's afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue?, Au Parc des Avant-Tués, L'Explositionniste, Sarajevo-Stepanakert, Kiotosmorama, Barfüßerkirche in Erfurt

Slices of Thrown Time

In the midst of the world's fascination with so-called Electroclash, leave it to the old school to really show what post-punk is really about, while simultaneously turning the concept on its fractured head. LA STPO has the finesse and invention and... (More Info. Here)

Songs found: I Cuento Blumen, Cet A Mort Vibre L'Air, Juene Fille Devant Le Miror, L'Intitule Creme, The Sounds Of The City Seems Not To Disappear, Lorsque


Volcano the Bear/La STPO

The Shy Volcanic Society At The Bear And Bird Parade

A split album with Volcano the Bear and La STPO. VTB tracks 1-5 and STPO tracks 6-9. Bears and Birds, oh my! One side keeps the hot hot. And the other keeps the weird weird. VTB’s typically atypical entomological set scratches like a hive that... (More Info. Here)

Songs found: Our Number Of Wolves, The Boy With The Lips Inside, The Open, The Closed, Death Sleeps In My Ear, The First Circle Is The Eye, Guayaki, Les Oreilles Internationales, Invalid Islands, Colonies