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Green Milk from the Planet Orange

City Calls Revolution

From across a veiled and ashen cosmos, well, from across the Sea Of Japan anyways; from the Planet Orange, hidden somewhere in the bosom of Nippon, gushes forth a froth of Green Milk. Fleeing is for naught, because City Calls Revolution is an eruption... (More Info. Here)

Songs found: Concrete City Breakdown, Omgs, Demagog, A Day In The Planet Orange

He's crying "Look"

Green is the colour of my true love's milk. The Planet Orange (Japan, of course) has at last offered up some of her precious Green Milk. And rather than being a rancid earthbound batch of lactose, this freshly squeezed life's elixir is vitamin... (More Info. Here)

Songs found: When Every Colour Turns Black, Sweet 5 A.M., U-Boat, Butterfly, In the Space, Far Away from this Planet


Two new acid psych tracks with a bit more... (More Info. Here)

Songs found: Those Days, Morning

Pirate Radio

Three tracks (almost 60 minutes) improvised live on PRA radio in November 2006 in a smoking haze of lambs bread. Recorded by Doug Krebs of... (More Info. Here)

Songs found: Part One, Part Two, Part Three

You Take Me To The World

Two recordings from summer 2004 Portland, OR. almost representing a transition between "He's Crying Look" and "City Calls Revolution". Here we have another chance meeting of the Green Milk trio hanging with the Zig Zag man and... (More Info. Here)

Songs found: KillMeKillMeKillMe, Away


Green Milk from the Planet Orange & kuruucrew

kuruucrew vs gmftpo

Split album release between these two Japanease psych monsters known as Kuruucrew and Green Milk from the Planet Orange. Kuruucrew's sound journey comes off like a hard hitting Neu! jamming with a stoned Sun Ra. GMftPO is a result of the marijuana... (More Info. Here)

Songs found: another dimension by Kuruucrew, black rice field song by Kuruucrew, Stoner Jam 1 by GMftPO