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Eyeless In Gaza

Summer Salt & Subway Sun & Wildcat Fights

Eyeless are an earful. Messrs Bates et Becker have miraculously come trembling through the decades musically unscathed. And yay though it is within the office of many bands to have precedents in other bands, EIG really only sound like Scriabin saw. Or... (More Info. Here)

Songs found: Wildcat Fights, Star Pool, Milky Way, Dust Box / Subway Sun, Whitening Rays, All New, Mixed Choir, I Told You It Wouldn't Stop Rain, Summer Salt, Phantom Music, Zeal, The 3-D Picture, One-Legged, Before Beginning, Where Vivid Bloomed, Broken, Paper Aeroplans, Atiphone Whispers, Song-Like In the Dead Night, Antipathy Whisper, Five Songs, Ebbing All The Years, Ghost Blocks