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Expo '70

Black Ohms

Thank Expo ‘70, O Lord, for the drones you are about to receive. A deep quivering of transcendental electronic mantras pulsates to the patient beat of the third Bardo. Slow, shape-shifting ambiences expand like groaning baritone crystals... (More Info. Here)

Songs found: Lysergic Sunrise, Mind Echo Unit, Emerald Fanged Dancer, Solitude, Cosmic Seance, Midnight Stalking/Dawn Of The Black Ohms

Sonic Messenger

The album "Sonic Messenger" and bonus album "Infinite Macrocosm". What if the Voyager space craft became sentient? Would it destroy humanity? Who is to say it wouldn’t become the most far-out musician of the galaxy? Expo... (More Info. Here)

Songs found: Velvet Prisms of the Shoshone, The Gathering, Whisper Of Ancient Oaks, Amplifying Umbras, The Expansion Into Structures, Analog Dreamscape, Hamadryad, I Nzambi Awaken, Your Beard is Growing Psychic, Journey to the Sun, Chandra, Temple of the Shadow