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Alms of Morpheus

Includes two bonus tracks not found on the CD or LP ed. The Bog is back and Bogger than ever. His cavity inducing Krystil-clear psych riffs, suspended in jellied electronics are anything but Earthly. Peat and Repeat were sitting on a bridge. Peat fell... (More Info. Here)

Songs found: Scene Not Heard, Sweet Lightning Juice, Mothership, Virtual Insight, I'm Just A Naked Man Screaming Here, Larva Lamp, Break It Down, It's Down, Alms of Morpheus, Hed Phood, Glespie's Rheum, Mudskip Moonstop, Hed People, Hed Phood for Phat People, Bounce, Wade Your Magic Pond, New Cheese, Night Blossom

Angelmans Supernova

Three new screaming white hot psych tracks from Mr. Peat... (More Info. Here)

Songs found: Angelmans Supernova, Razor Storm, Rock Ma Soul


First and foremost, Earthmonkey has the word "monkey" in its name, and everyone loves monkeys! OK, maybe you need a little more than just a quality simian reference. The gangly orangutan behind Earthmonkey happen to be Peat Bog (Nurse With... (More Info. Here)

Songs found: Flyover, Reflections on Native Yard 52, Zero's Mantra, "And They Go Off This Place...", Steal Abduction Suite, Burning Man Pt. 1., Burning Man Pt. 2., "Make Me One With Everything", Makro Zoom., Crystal Nightcap

Be That Charge

Honey...looks like the monkey's been in the mushrooms again! Yes, the unstoppable Peat Bog has once again raised his pulsating colours and thrown himself, and us, into a cosmic oblivion. And though scientists have recently proven that a person can... (More Info. Here)

Songs found: Be That Charge, Be That Charge Agin', Jokin' Joe, E-Freeme Buzzbomb, Sapphire Wave, Hydraulic Bugger, Sister Marble Gazer, Funhouse, Spinal Unwinda, When She Watches Television, Echo Base, Scaccia Pensieri

Drum Machine

Earth "Scratch" Monkey? Pete Bog's studio may not exactly be a Black Ark, but it is certainly a Grey Henge. Just when we thought we had the guy pegged, he adds a drum machine, eshewing his class of '72 psych ministrations for a more tranced... (More Info. Here)

Songs found: Varana Swing, Hanumantra, Bet That Charge