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Droxy March

Bloat Fiedls Insuch

Project of William Ratke. Originally issued Aug. 2000 as an ed. of 50 numbered copies. Of interest track "Plasty Knoll Mix" is the Cher song "Do You Believe In Love" that spawned the autotune craze. Cher's label submitted tracks... (More Info. Here)

Songs found: Suratchn, , A Beetles Quadrant, The Seminal Globe/Dirt Shoal, Chidr, The Dandelion Haus, Junty White Bees, Sepia Coat, The Dramsy Quintl Beast in Broadcast, Ipithn, Gretchns Host, Stodgy Wank In the Crips Mix, Jortend Ballsin Summering Mix, track title 14, Plasty Knoll Mix