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Christus & the Cosmonaughts

From Atop This Hill

Terra Firma flags. Sky burns electric. Fauna flee for fear. The second coming of Christus is here. 8 new stations of the cross oscillate wildly between bristling electronic noise pyres and sizzling, solemn song-forms. “From Atop This... (More Info. Here)

Songs found: The Painfree God, Nothing To Say, From Atop This Hill, Surviving the Fanatics, The Fractured Faithful, Nod if You Were the Last Man Alive, Modulating Between Faith and Knowledge, No Chance To Dream

The Four Whore's Men

At last, an apocalypse worth attending! At this particular end of the world party Christus rises from an electronic sea to tear asunder the hundreds of false gods recently erected in the name of Electroclash & Nu Wave. Christus is one of the few... (More Info. Here)

Songs found: Disease, War, Famine, Demise, Reprise