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Aughton - The Patient Books

The queen of all honeys nourishes its hive with a sweet sustenance of archival sweetness. Aughton represents a cadre of organic drone/concrete pieces. Softly cavernous & compact compositions that occasionally become musical by suggestion only... (More Info. Here)

Songs found: Book One, Book Two

Der Holzweg

Beequeen happened as a result of a Legendary Pink Dots' intervention. In the Winter of 1988 Freek Kinkelaar was asked by Pink Dots-singer Edward Kaspel if he would be interested in doing the solo support act to the LPD performance in Utrecht on 13... (More Info. Here)

Songs found: Ontladingen, Dead hares, Chorok, The following of the track, Stenen des tijds, Inherent Theatre, Triumph, Come; the Bells Toll, Ash covers flesh, Széles Világ, The festival of life., Nouen


Nobody fools mother nature...well, almost nobody. The opening scherzo of Beequeen's latest opus includes such well recorded sounds of seagulls that my dog started barking at the speakers! In fact, the entire first movement of the symphonie is nothing... (More Info. Here)

Songs found: Basilic Noises, Die Heilige Hase, The Lost Beebs, Pop Pop Fizz Fizz, The Really Big Shew, Saving Pennies For A Present (Ownliness)