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Armchair Migraine Journey

Conspiracy for an Evil Dream Devotional

Final mixes resulting from the Sperm Worm Taco demo recordings. AMJ received assistance from: Scot Solida (Hammond Organ, white noise, Ham 'n Eggs, mixing, beat syncs, keyboard), dead K (guitar samples), T (bass samples), A (drum samples), Randall... (More Info. Here)

Songs found: prelude, Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Rock Paper Scissor, Rock extended, Thoughts of Pureza, Fade Out To Reprise

Cosmic Space Drone

“Cosmic Space Drone” lives up to its name, travelling into the deepest void, its gaping maw swallowing up meteoric dust and wayward celestial souls alike to fuel its endless journey into the infinite. Your journey will follow two long... (More Info. Here)

Songs found: Cosmic Space Drone 1, Cosmic Space Drone 2, Cosmic Space Drone (Space is Disgraced)

Early Studies in Maltese Cross & Cott Petioles

Hot on the spiked heels of a very limited acetate release of extreme porno-tronics, AMJ's sanctorum covered fist fucks yet again, this time leaving the sounds of penetration to be made by each individual listener. SWT is the low rumble of circuitry as... (More Info. Here)

Songs found: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13

Transmit Acoustique Abstraction One

AMJ presents fuzzed out guitar mixed with elements of tape based musique-concrete ambient bliss with guitars by Niko from Seven That Spells and additional instruments and vocals by Randall Frazier of Orbit... (More Info. Here)

Songs found: Suicide Note (Denver Cleanse Mix), Naughty Acoustique Dream P1 (Muff Fuzz Mix), Piano Mash Milk, Prelude

Transmit Acoustique Abstraction Two

Two side long tracks of electronic/musique-concrete/tape experiments. AMJ side with guests Niko from Seven That Spells on guitar and additional instruments and electronics by Randall Frazier of Orbit... (More Info. Here)

Songs found: Naughty Acoustique Dream 2, Rock Paper Scissor 2, Rock Paper Scissor

Transmit Mutation Drone

Part one features Ty Hodson on drums and bowed cymbals and Pascal Godjikian (La STPO) on vocals/lyrics. Available late May. 2013. "Transmit. Mutation. Drone. One: Transmigration: done. Your call could not be completed. We will attempt... (More Info. Here)

Songs found: Transmit Mutation Drone (P1), Transmit Mutation Drone (P2)