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Artist: Earthmonkey

Be That Charge

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Tracklist & Samples

Be That Charge Agin' listen
Be That Charge listen
Jokin' Joe listen
E-Freeme Buzzbomb listen
Hydraulic Bugger listen
Sapphire Wave listen
Funhouse listen
Sister Marble Gazer listen
Spinal Unwinda listen
When She Watches Television listen
Echo Base listen
Scaccia Pensieri listen


Honey...looks like the monkey's been in the mushrooms again! Yes, the unstoppable Peat Bog has once again raised his pulsating colours and thrown himself, and us, into a cosmic oblivion. And though scientists have recently proven that a person can swim as quickly through syrup as through water, syrup is still the more delicious swim. And syrup is the pool that Peat offers up for your musical laps. This latest has both kinds of music: stoned and stoneder. The record opens with a kind of Duulish slow groove that one might find useful while laying in the middle of a field staring at clouds. Before long, one is laying in the middle of a cloud staring at fields. Peat's production shows that his sixth form spent in Nurse With Wound school paid off. All the tracks are quietly layered with subtle backdrops, voices and swells of thick fuzz. As ever, however, no matter how close Peat brings us to a need for rehab, Earthmonkey is fat with rhythm and even the occasional need to, perhaps, ever so slightly, bang the head. A nice electro punker in the middle not only invokes the spectre of Chrome, but is also sure to grow a thicker, healthier mullet faster than any other traditional hair remedy. Looking for that modern something a little 2066-And-Then-o-licious and also a little Galactic-Supermarket-o-rama? Earthmonkey is your Kraut-tastic choice! And somehow I managed to get through this whole thing without mentioning the word psychedelic. Until now. Dammit!