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Artist: Legendary Pink Dots


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stigmata part one (freiheit), klazh, love is..., no reason, 834, wall purges night (version), basilisk one, methods listen Buy Song ($1)
clean up listen Buy Song ($1)
basilisk 2 listen Buy Song ($1)
the ocean cried blue murder on a ferry in a storm on a walkman listen Buy Song ($1)
ideal home listen Buy Song ($1)
the glory, the glory listen Buy Song ($1)


BASILISK. Recordings from 1981/82 with exception to track 11 recorded in 1990. "Sadly, the master for BASILISK was never returned to the LPD's, so the source tape was from the original (rather poorly reproduced) cassette release. Enhancement has taken place (thank you, Bernard) but only so much was possible in the circumstances. EK 2002

11 - Recorded in 1990 on a ferry on a stormy night directly to a Walkman. 12 - Unreleased version with lead vocals by Keith Thompson recorded 1981. 14 - Unreleased version recorded in 1981