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Artist: Beequeen


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Basilic Noises, Die Heilige Hase listen
The Lost Beebs, Pop Pop Fizz Fizz, The Really Big Shew, Saving Pennies For A Present (Ownliness) listen


Nobody fools mother nature...well, almost nobody. The opening scherzo of Beequeen's latest opus includes such well recorded sounds of seagulls that my dog started barking at the speakers! In fact, the entire first movement of the symphonie is nothing but mother nature captured at work by some immaculate recording geniuses (see also Chris Watson's BBC field recordings). In typical unpredictable Beequeen style, a humming drone sneaks up on and then duets with the natural sounds, and then breaks into an illbient triphop. The shifts continue until the aural journey from nature to manmade finished product is realized with echoed metallic splendor. This very limited heavy vinyl pressing comes in a box with all the inserts you've come to know and love (and occasionally lose) from B-lRR, including Autumn leaves from the The United States and Holland. Sadly, these Dutch leaves are not recommended for smoking, although an open state of mind IS recommended for maximum listening pleasure. Your dog will love it....