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Artist: Nurse With Wound

She and Me Fall Together in Free Death

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Tracklist & Samples

She and Me Fall Together Like Free Death listen
Black is the Color of My True Loves Hair listen
Chicken Concret listen
Gusset Typing listen
She and Me Fall Together Like Free Death (Phosphorous Mix) listen
Chicken Korma listen


YO! Have you ever wanted to fall? Fall death? Well, now you crackers don't have to because Nurse With Wound has done it for you! Beta-lactam Ring is pleaseder than a pie full of babies to announce the arrival of Nurse With Wound's newest dog in heat; an artfully appointed and limited vinyl release called "She And Me Fall Together In Free Death." While lacking violins, this newest secretion offers plenty of sex and loads of dada. Our most beloved resident Nurse has finally worked his way up to a Doctorate Of Madness (DOM). All those years of musical dissection have paid off and have revealed a sonic surgeon skilled at sewing sounds into solid sentience. NWW isn't afraid to bring the pain and play that beat as his krautrock konstruktions kontinue to klimb. NWW also brings the paean as some of his concret hardens into something of a Homotopy to a Homotopy. And let's not forget the creepy SEX!!! But never mind the bullocks, here's Steve "Misdemeanor" Stapleton singing! Go ahead, gossip folks, but our pussycat gets his vocal freak on covering Patty Waters' "Black Is The Colour Of My True Love's Hair." Of course, Steve goes to the floor and turns this old school avant joint on its head! Steve's lungs know how to work it in a droney dirgilicious R. Stevie Moore/Jandek style (can you hear David Stoughten anyone?). U know U can't resist because THIS Nurse, well, she's a bitch and supa dupa fly! Besides, dis be mad rare and whatcha gon' do when it's gone? That's right, you gon' be throwin' yo hands up and stickin chickens!