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Artist: Songs of Norway

Despite the Cloak

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good morning great legend listen Buy Song ($1)
2 miles of beef listen Buy Song ($1)
would i witness crustacean evolve listen Buy Song ($1)
leopard hairs listen Buy Song ($1)
inner arms and necks listen Buy Song ($1)
angels exist listen Buy Song ($1)
partridge carnival listen Buy Song ($1)


No, I'm sorry, despite the mention of Norway this has absolutely nothing to do with black metal. These songs are of a different sort of bitch; the sort of bitch which we sometimes like to call free jazz improv. &, no, not fruity, directionless meandering. This is improv played by players who are so empathetic with one another it would not surprise me if they occasionally got conjugal with one another. For one, the drumming is dead brilliant. It's loose but holds together as a perfect structure for the other voices to swim around. Kind of Han Bennink-ish (Joey Baron with Masada also comes to mind). In fact, this release would not be unusual for Incus or ICP. Is that a cello I hear being played with a fan? A prepared guitar perhaps? Is that the sound of a bow being beaten on the strings? You get the picture...or do you? The group plays around with space, music, noise & texture. Sometimes they will come from out of disparate & thin conversations & end up in a very solid & swingin' groove & then to creep back into their own separate corners. The strings are played with a very Derek Bailey flavah, which is to say there is lots of technique employed to bring out as much sonance as the instrument is capable of without necessarily playing notes, although notes are employed as well. The group really has a masterful feel for when to thrash & when to shut up. Very dynamic, though largely subdued. & then there are those weird Nurse With Woundy asides where there are the hummings & the whisperings & the weirdnesses. Oh, by the way, did I mention that this group happens to contain 2 members from VOLCANO THE BEAR.