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Artist: Nurse With Wound

Rock'n Roll Station

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Tracklist & Samples

Rock'n Roll Station listen
The Self Sufficient Sexual Shoe listen
Two Golden Microphones listen
A Silhouette and a Thumbtack (Dance in Hyperspace) listen
R and B Through Collis Browne listen
Finsbury Park, May 8th, 1.35 pm (I'll see you in another world) listen
1.35 pm Remix listen


"This album arrived somewhere after a dream meeting of several individuals, Graham Bond, Joe Meek, Jacques Berrocal and myself. After a few beers and a heated disscussion of puncture repair we all lay down in a circle and point our penises at Venus, telepathic messages are sent out to Colin saying he can use the two golden microphones. He did, and here we are. Steven Stapleton, 17.1.94." What a strange story.