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Artist: La STPO

Le Combat Occulté

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Avant listen Buy Song ($1)
Prelude listen Buy Song ($1)
Techniques Explositionnistes listen Buy Song ($1)
L'Explositionniste (v) listen Buy Song ($1)
IciMesAmis listen Buy Song ($1)
Armenie listen Buy Song ($1)
Babalanbebant listen Buy Song ($1)
Le Bris Agentreur listen Buy Song ($1)
Corsaires De Nerf listen Buy Song ($1)
Equilibre listen Buy Song ($1)
Dada Max Stellt Loplop Vor (v) listen Buy Song ($1)
Markale 2 (live 98) listen Buy Song ($1)
Les Barbares listen Buy Song ($1)
Thousand Days (v) listen Buy Song ($1)
Un listen Buy Song ($1)
Shy Society at the Bird Parade (v) listen Buy Song ($1)
El Bolero listen Buy Song ($1)
Dis Moi Que... listen Buy Song ($1)
... J'Attends La Pluie listen Buy Song ($1)
El Fin (v) listen Buy Song ($1)
Idol (v) listen Buy Song ($1)
Ebauche listen Buy Song ($1)


It's strange to think that a score of years ago the world was just emerging from the last of its new wave haze, only to enter a brave new era of over produced, digitally recorded schlock. La STPO was borne into this miasma of mediocrity with knives out. They have remained bastions of outré ever since their bloodied birth. Vive La STPO! To celebrate two decades of one of the finest, most fractured & indefatigable European avant post punk bands, BlRR has nailed together this 11 track retrospective of 7300 days in the life of La STPO. & rather than trying to shape this into some sort of "best of" or "greatest hits," BlRR & La STPO have done the reverse by leaning more heavily in on the group's more exploratory moments. This also makes for a better album that, in its own skewed way, fits together as if all recorded in the same session. As presented here, La STPO are truly Rock In Opposition. Unlike their Zeuhl spewing forbears, however, STPO are not trying to fuse jazz & rock. Their rock is in opposition of all things safely established, including Rock In Opposition. Jagged & bleated arrangements with familiar rock instrumentation clash to form screaming, dada-pregnant, contorted punk concertos. Oddly timed & full of changes, this is music to fall down escalators to. Sometimes this is music to lay at the bottom of escalators to. Just as your fingers begin to snap, STPO leaps off the page into a droning menace. A cadence of broken buzzsaw guitar hums ejaculate into soft & staggering staccato strings. La STPO's propensity for quiet tension gives the tumult of their caterwauls that much more weight. The vocalist is as likely to coo & chirp as he is to chant & caw. Reeds, vibes & trumpets walk freely with the rest, making this as dynamic & interesting a record as one could hope for in this hopelessly metering post rock era. Any group that can take The Ex to task & come out singing an aria afterwards is certainly worth falling down an escalator for.