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Artist: Edward Ka-Spel

Eyes ! China Doll

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Tracklist & Samples

Mirror soul listen Buy Song ($1)
Avengelist listen Buy Song ($1)
God in a cupboard listen Buy Song ($1)
Blowing bubbles (Part 2) listen Buy Song ($1)
Six cats on a dead man's chest listen Buy Song ($1)
'Joey"-the video listen Buy Song ($1)
The char char listen Buy Song ($1)
Intermezzo listen Buy Song ($1)
Hotel blanc listen Buy Song ($1)
Tikko listen Buy Song ($1)
Volicie listen Buy Song ($1)
... and smashed into a million pieces listen Buy Song ($1)
And the lord said "rise" listen Buy Song ($1)
Blowing bubbles (Part 1) listen Buy Song ($1)
History book listen Buy Song ($1)


Edward's second solo full length first appeared as the world was still rubbing ITS eyes from new wave fall-out. Synth pop had, by now, been fully co-opted by the populace at large with Wham, Madonna and Chaka Khan topping the US charts and Dead Or Alive and Paul Hardcastle making a splash across the pond. With Eyes Edward proved a couple things: 1) He really DID have a musical voice distinct from his work with LPD and 2) somehow synth pop could still be melodic, challenging, exploratory AND kick ass. On first hearing Avengelist's almost martial sequences bubble up from behind Mirror Soul's pleasantly plaintive analogue drone, I cancelled all the day's plans so I could just sit home and study this odd record until I passed out. Soon the end of the experimental Hotel Blanc suite was triggering emotional responses of longing. Eyes was...IS a unique electronic vision quest that is schizophrenic in all the right places. In those mysterious pre-internet days LPD and Ka Spel still had an almost Jandek or Residents-like sheen. It was like that beautiful Steven Stapleton cover was beckoning me personally, but also warning that things would always be a little different from then on. 'Why another China Doll?;' 'is Edward part of Nurse With Wound?;' 'who is Lady Sunshine?' Stories were fabricated to fill in the details, all with Eyes chiming CONSTANTLY in the background with its somber synths that were somehow not sad and Edward's bizarre anti-nursery rhyme lyrics. Weird samples from inside the goldmine: the use of sound on Eyes tugged at the ear and the gut. From a song to a...thing, to another song to another...thing, to a noise, to a sequence to, hurry, flip the record, AGAIN! Completely minimal yet subliminally lush. A chirpy waltz to break the din, but then it felt a bit like being at a run down, radioactive circus. Best circus I've been to so far. Omnipresent little additives made for new discoveries with every listen. Edward seemed to exist in a no man's land hidden somewhere betwixt the new wave and Elysium. He's still there and Eyes is still fresh after 20 years, finally reissued properly as a CD, repackaged with its original art in a mini LP sleeve for maximum geek-out effect. Eyes, I feel for you...I think I love you.