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Artist: Edward Ka-Spel

Happy New Year

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HAPPY NEW YEAR The New Year….Normally it begins with kisses so clumsily delivered that I’ve been known to have traces of lipstick on my eyeballs the next day. Still New Year’s Eve 2004 was a different kind of occasion. The end of a long hard year and when I looked across the room at around 11pm I saw the dog malevolently looking me in the eye and I knew I was going to pass on the physical side of the “celebration.” Fireworks were going off outside- it seems people never have the patience to wait for the moment, but I had decided to mark the day in my own way with this piece of music. A few glasses of cheap South African wine had been imbibed (after I had recorded the piano parts) and a microphone was set up outside the door to take in the atmosphere, I simply kept my headphones on and occasionally checked email messages from others who also found themselves alone on that particular night. Nobody called,….yet strangely it seemed to be almost poetic that 2005 was ushered in so modestly…Somehow I knew that things would be better in the year to come, and I suppose they are.

Happy New Year EK