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Artist: The Silverman

Dream Cell

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Tracklist & Samples

Visitation listen
Rite of passage listen
This fragile love listen
And the Legend Days return... listen
Dream Cell #1 listen
Dream Cell #2 listen
Serpent time listen
Stream Point entry listen
Circle the sun and you become one listen
Desecreation listen


"THERE IS MORE TO HEAVEN AND EARTH... The Day was long, the Night was cold, And your dreams just went up in smoke. What "Answer"? Wake up and come inside, To Dream you must not Sleep. Wake up, come inside, The Dream Cell is your only hope. Wake Up! And ask your Question. Dream Cell is the very first solo excursion by Philip Knight (aka Silverman), keyboardist and founding member of The Legendary Pink Dots. Recorded between Summer 1992 and Autumn 1994 in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, Dream Cell was first released on CD in 1995 by The Terminal Kaleidoscope.