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Artist: Stimulus

A motion signal

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inertia listen Buy Song ($1)
Transference (Alternate Mix) listen Buy Song ($1)
sporadic irregularity listen Buy Song ($1)
Spear (Extended Remix) listen Buy Song ($1)
concrete bridge to void listen Buy Song ($1)
Spear (Live) listen Buy Song ($1)
setting moods for sending information listen Buy Song ($1)
Initiate Commands (Live) listen Buy Song ($1)
the interactive alien disco listen Buy Song ($1)
mirrored ages listen Buy Song ($1)
momentum listen Buy Song ($1)


"A tight knit hybrid of experimental & progressive music. Repetitious tonalities (croaking textures, tempered guitars, sparse, resonant bass) dive into a sand blasted piano denouement, introducing one to the taut, kinesthetic dynamics utilized by Stimulus. Each track is constructed around repetitious cadences upon which disparate textures twitch & spasm. The muffled, steel wool scrubbed, looped rhythmic impetus is shattered as agitated streaks of fluorescent light hover & screech like flaming electronic pterodactyls. Though they utilize a love of 'Nurse With Wound, '70's Italian Prog, Iron Maiden & field recordings' as inspiration, Stimulus move well beyond, exploring sonic territories uniquely their own." -Alternative Press