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Artist: george&caplin

Fate's First Lonely Night

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Railway Yearn listen Buy Song ($1)
Brainscratch listen Buy Song ($1)
Lightpole Lullaby listen Buy Song ($1)
Rustling Leaves listen Buy Song ($1)
Morning Crumb listen Buy Song ($1)
Implode listen Buy Song ($1)
Coping listen Buy Song ($1)
Fate's First Lonely Night listen Buy Song ($1)
Floorboard Home listen Buy Song ($1)
Enfold listen Buy Song ($1)
Dusk listen Buy Song ($1)
Un Neige listen Buy Song ($1)
Ten Minutes listen Buy Song ($1)


Second self released album by george&caplin. +"The child within any of us never really dies; it just takes on a new form. Today those George and Caplin cul-de-sac days and childhood memories are a close as the slide of a CD, the strum of a guitar, or the tweak of a knob, as Electronic Eulogy� can attest." make Pitchfork Media's list of... "19 Albums Pitchfork Forgot To Review in 2003" "...We missed a few great records along the way that are worth mentioning, especially as we present the top albums and singles of the year. Many of these albums are among the Pitchfork news staff's favorites of the past twelve months and we encourage you to seek them out. - Pitchfork Media +"...could be the stateside Sigur Ros." -Sponic Zine +"... The two masters of musical disguise pull out more tricks than Ziegfried and Roy looped on wine spritzer.\"