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Artist: Green Milk from the Planet Orange

He's crying "Look"

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When Every Colour Turns Black listen Buy Song ($1)
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In the Space, Far Away from this Planet listen Buy Song ($1)


Green is the colour of my true love's milk. The Planet Orange (Japan, of course) has at last offered up some of her precious Green Milk. And rather than being a rancid earthbound batch of lactose, this freshly squeezed life's elixir is vitamin enriched with pure psychedelic electricity (& iron). As if their demo wasn't awesome enough, GMFTPO went & repasteurized the whole opus dredging even more cosmic cream to the surface making for some lofty latte. Where Acid Mothers Temple's jammy w&erings sometimes lead them astray, lost in a fog of their own screeching residue, GMFTPO's controlled madness leaves behind a resin that won't give you a headache & will have you feeling fresh in the morning. Their music, while loosely played, is steady & deliberate & its Eastern flavouring early on reminds a lot of Erkin Koray's best moments as well as churning up a little subdued Can of butter (circa Damo, where the bass plays a forward melodic role with whispered vocals, ala "Mother Sky"). The album curdles, in places, to White Heaven-like outbursts & ferments into a couple extended excursions toward the great space udder. Being explorers, GMFTPO like to occasionally get their slide rules out, which results in well placed mathy breaks rather akin to Mice Parade. I'd also like to mention early Morsel, but you don't know who that is, so never mind. Overall, an excellent modern psych album best suited for those who enjoy chilling out while taking their glaucoma medicine. Don't cry over spilled milk. Soak yourself to the marrow. GMFTPO is proof positive that the milk is always greener on the other side.