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Artist: Legendary Pink Dots

Poppy Variations

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Krussoe listen Buy Song ($1)
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Personal Monster listen Buy Song ($1)
It doesn´t matter anyway listen Buy Song ($1)
The Equaliser listen Buy Song ($1)
Just to slip away listen Buy Song ($1)
L´oiseau Rare (Pt. 1 & 2) listen Buy Song ($1)
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The Poppy Variations (Pt. 1) listen Buy Song ($1)
The Poppy Variations (Pt. 2) listen Buy Song ($1)


From the opening clogging cadence & cicada drone of Krussoe, the air begins to smell something like an Asylum on the eve of a Crushed Velvet Apocalypse. Poppy Variations isn't aping old LPD material (though it samples & processes it in the background). PV has, rather, captured those warm, heady, sweetly melodic tones of the old guard. Personal Monster & The Equaliser further evoke the thudding undercurrents & whimsy of Ancestral Dots. Crisp, walking bass stabs; percolating sequences; saxes & flutes conversing with the electronics, Edward's voice quietly projecting, as from an interstellar transmission...brilliant! The acoustic L'Oiseau Rare is a beautifully bright psych/folk piece that disintegrates into flanged electricity whose melody sounds like someone trying to tune a short wave radio to one of those weird numbers stations. New member Erik Drost's (Girlfriends) subdued guitar ministrations weave carefully & sparingly into the mix. The production as a whole (Raymond Steeg/Edward Ka Spel) does not hesitate to sound like the Viking II L&er on extended sonic missions. Songs w&er out into the witch-filled wardrobe & then return for an outro. Why, there's even a ballad that could be classified as pretty (not "cherubs & ice cream" pretty, but more "latter day Nick Cave broody" pretty). The album ends on an appropriately cosmic & amazing grace note, experimentally riffing on "Poppy Day," but only referentially, until a brace of m&rax-dosed, astral pipers shows up to chase away lingering ghosts. PV is absolutely one of LPD's finest, most inspired constructions. Not a day in the life should go by without a tiptoe through the poppies...