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Artist: Legendary Pink Dots

Chemical Playschool Volume 9

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Tracklist & Samples

A Pause in a melancholy silence listen
Burned at the Steakhouse listen
New Shoes listen
I dream of Jeannie listen
She gave me an apple listen
Stirred but not shaken listen
The Ballad of Ron and Popo listen
Where No Man listen
Premonition 7 listen


This new one by the Dots consists of intervals of exquisite soundscapes which are interwoven expertly with flowing full-song compositions. There are moments of definitive ambiance and moments of full-score expression. Not a single composition is lacking in enthusiasm or passion. Overall, this is a gem.
The beginning of the first song, A Triple Moon Salute, makes the listener question whether the theme song from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey was really a Pink Dot composition. By the time you get to the fourth piece, a repetitive rapid chant called Cat ch A Match, you've reached not only another state of mind, but perhaps even another dimension!
No LPD album is complete without a simple, sweet, and rather bitter little musical ditty - on this one it's Pandora's Socks. Here vocalist Edward Ka-Spel's irony tinged avowal that, "The things inside me would depress you. Lock them up, you know it's bes t I keep things to myself," jumps out from behind a cute little music box tune and grabs the listener unexpectedly.
In keeping with the general theme of the Chemical Playschool series, 8+9 includes previously unreleased tidbits which, though brilliant in their own right, are only now making it onto an album. Additional incentives to buy are compilation tracks and the mini CD which was originally released with The Maria Dimension album.
There are dozens of uses for this masterpiece! Simply listening to it for the joy of pure experience is a necessity. This should be - or is - the soundtrack to the coming of the new Aeon!

- Eden Salisbury