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Artist: Pepe Wismeer


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Reptilze On Us listen
Below Your Waves [e voi] listen
Akin listen
Kai Kai listen
In Cypris Palms listen
Pit of Secred is Fused listen
Le deus Notes listen
Yellow Guns listen
Sanity Belt listen
Easting a Ling listen


Un is the loneliest number that the French will ever know. Luckily, Pepe Wismer's stock in trade is the business of uplifting loneliness. Their cloudy, piano-strewn minimalism pushes up against the boundaries of cranky cabaret, but PW replaces camp with slow, doomy textures and heavy atmospherics. "Un" has some classic 4AD-ish qualities, but in weird ways, like being punched in the stomach by Colin Newman. Their emotional emissions are pungent and deeper than the Lascaux Caves. "Un" is a powerful, stunningly beautiful loaf of French Brood.

Previous press about Pepe Wismeer: "Have you ever had one of those dreams that you wake up from and you're not quite sure if it was a good dream or a bad dream? One could easily imagine Pepe Wismeer as your own personal Virgil, leading you through the different realms of inferno, purgatory, and paradise, all at the same time. The music is often sparse, bordering at times on the whimsical, but always filtered through the haze of almost consciousness. Wismeer is certainly an artist who knows the use of tension in music. Evidently I wasn't the only one who thought this. After giving it a listen, I took a look at how the label described the album: 'Pigs, in there? Yes, but if you count them, they will become sheep, which is appropriate as Pepe's music is like drifting into a dream. His hushed vocals sigh just beneath the melody, as if he were in camera with woodland deities.' What makes this all work is his voice though. It is like a cross between Edward Ka-Spel and the singer from Frazier Chorus. It's soothing, but there's a bit of dissonance there beneath the surface. This version comes packaged with a bonus EP that maintains a similar approach to dragging though many dreamlike states. The first half sounds like the album was remixed by Troum or some other drone master. Then we have a raw, beautiful track, which only lasts for 2.21 before moving into the next track that maintains a dissonant feel before concluding with a slowly evolving droning piece. Everything is dropped further into REM state, making this a bit more soothing than the album itself, but every bit as enjoyable. Quite nice overall. The album weighs in at about 42 minutes. The bonus EP weighs in at around 29 minutes."