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Artist: Troum

Grote Mandrenke

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“Grote Mandrenke” is definitely a Troum with a view. The title refers to a massive Atlantic storm that killed upwards of 25,000 Europeans in the mid 14th century (about a decade after the plague showed up. HOORAY!). Troum, of course, bathe their devastating subject in swelling waves of melodic drone and sea-walls of sound. Appropriately, “Grote Mandrenke” is cinematic and melancholy; anthemic and brooding, and distinctly shoegaze, but in a way that you can look up, and you still see shoes. And bodies, floating in a foamy miasma of silted water and fish guts. In fact, this should be on a label called 5AD, because this is one awesomer. Buzzsaw ambience and measured percussive breaths comprise a perfect soundtrack for nature's dominion over man.

An aural hallucination on the events that occurred January 15-17, 1362 at the Friesian North Sea coast. This is the studio-version of a live event performed throughout 2008 & 2009, with live-visuals by Brian Traylor. First live performance: Antwerp (BE), Jan 26, 2008 at Nuit & Brouillard festival. Last live performance: Torun (PL) March 27, 2009 at CocArt festival. Final mix: May 2011
Thanks to Chris McBeth & Brian Traylor. Special thanks to Güse S. Schierloh & Bernd Hollendiek who provided us with the main basic material - by fortunate coincidence they met already in 1993 and played (Güse) & recorded (Markow C.) the material which made this release possible. All artwork by Jesse Peper Layout and design by chris.
This is the second part in the "Power Romantic" series.