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Artist: Seven That Spells

Death And Resurrection of Krautrock: AUM

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Seven That Spells spells CROATIVITY. Zagreb's heavy sons drill Krautrock a new arsehole with lofty, wailing, epic thunder hymns to the new cosmos. "Rock Is Krieg" says it all, especially coming from a place blackened by real war in recent times. The beauty of STS's take on prog is that it is actually progressive, in the sense that their extended, rumbling anthems express both aggression and spirituality. They translate the old Teutonic ways into a stoner/doomy metallic patois that should put the likes of Sunn 0))) and Boris on notice. “Death & Rebirth” shifts from exploding roar into swirling overdrive with the precision of a European race engine. When the music growls, it is frightening. And when the music purrs, it sounds like an astral sphinx sleeping with one third-eye open. This is the true spirit of Kraut carried forward into the new rage.