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Artist: square_wave


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Twelve mantras for travelers, escapers, leavers... 'Aerodrome' is a 72 minute meditation on the sprawling grandeur of airports and the palpable quiescence one feels in such places. And when there are indeed few others around, there is an ironic tranquility induced by the scale of the architecture -- a place that by its design is meant to corral countless transient occupiers. Each of the twelve six-minute mantras contemplates various aspects of the aerodrome and its operations, as seen by such titles as "Concourse", "Taxiway" and "Peoplemover". The music of 'Aerodrome' is entirely analog in origin, dominated by analog synthesizers, laced with swirling and sometimes haunting guitar work, and occasionally gently punctuated by gong-like cymbals. And beyond the drone and ambience there are spells of propulsive psychedelia reminding us that the aerodrome is about movement. For 'Aerodrome', square_wave has drawn upon influences ranging from :zoviet*france:, Virgin-era Tangerine Dream, Lustmord, Susumu Yokota, Stars of the Lid and even The Legendary Pink Dots to bring you a mesmerizing selection of meditations utilizing primitive monophonic melodies, pulsating Moog sequences and serene soundscapes.