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Artist: Edward Ka-Spel

Dream Logik Part 1

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Tracklist & Samples

Revolution 834
Laughing Gas
And the Stars
Good Life
The 9 oçlock Train to Oblivion


If only MY dreams had this kind of logik…..I would never need to buy music. I would just go to sleep, perchance to dream of this album. Ka-Spel’s sonic stratosphere has long been on the ascendant, well past many moons. Just when it seemed that intensity levels were already deep in the red, Dream Logik slithers along and crushes the dials…literally. One of the sublime qualities of this album is that it sounds screwed up, as in SOMEONE SCREWED UP THE LEVELS. But someone didn’t. That sweet, overdriven nectar of cacophony and squelching circuitry is supposed to happen. All the wrongs actually make a right! Parmegiani and Lejeune look out, there’s a new kid in town (I don’t wanna hear it) who’s redefining concrete for the oughts. INA-GRM new risen? The dynamic of aural manipulation is extreme, recalling the psychedelic shades of Malachai (the Nursey one) minus the hit potential. Seriously, though, if you’ve got LPD on the brain, get a new brain because that old brain will not be able to handle the new logik, not even with an abakus and all the Venn diagrams in the world. Consider, if you will, some kind of fucksion between Pierre Schaeffer and the business end of Genocide Organ and then bleed all over that. Well, no, that will just make a mess of your room. Let Ka-Spel make a mess of your head instead. It’s the logikal thing to do.