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Artist: Andrew Liles

Black Pool

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Tracklist & Samples

The Ariosa And Amorette listen
Dark Economics listen
Blue Mango listen
Goolden Pipes listen
Hit And Miss Avant Garde Rubbish Tintinnabulation Of Church Bells listen
The Fat King And The Lean Beggar listen
Tea Tree (Part 3) listen
A Rose For The Lady listen
Time Travel Promenade listen
Pizza Ring listen
Onion Cordial listen
Spectral (Version 2) listen
All The Worse For The Fishes listen
Tourism And Re-Development listen
Spectral (Version 3) listen
The All-Porcelain Set listen
Two Bottles Of Thunderbird listen
And A Dog Eating Sick listen
Beer Barrel listen
The Song Of The Sad Panda listen
Blackpool listen


A million and one thanks to Jackie Potter who narrates on 2, 10, 15, 19 and 21, Colin Potter who supplied field recordings made in Blackpool, Lancashire, UK, Freek Kinkelaar who narrates on 19, David Janssen who co-wrote and played on 6 and 11 and Brian Poole who co-wrote and supplied voices on tracks 3, 11, 14 and 20. 'The Vortex Vault' will be in part a collection of unreleased, unearthed and dusted down material from the vast Andrew Liles archive of unused studio material. 'The Vortex Vault' will also include brand new recordings, conceptual and collaborative pieces, special guests, kraut rock psyche outs, space rock, the odd and unlikely, Norwegian, the obscure and arcane, aircraft, cicadas, the absurd and nonsensical. 'The Vortex Vault' is a platform to release radically different and eclectic material. Expect the unexpected, the minimalist and excessive, the demure and deranged. The first in the series will be 'Black Paper', The second in the series will be 'Black Hole', and in no particular order will be followed by 'Black Beauty', 'Black Mamba', 'Black Pool', 'Black Sea', 'Black Panther', 'Black Sheep', 'Black Widow', 'Blackout', 'Black Market' and finishing with 'Black End'