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Artist: Sand Snowman

Nostalgia Ever After

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Tracklist & Samples

hemlock garden listen
one summer listen
an evening in the fall listen
what's your poison? listen
nostalgia ever after listen
waves listen
between eternities listen
the city sleeps listen
to the flame listen


Q: How do you build a Wooden Horse? A: Trees. Sand Snowman's sound hearkens back to a time when people used the word "hearkens." It is possible that this faerie acid folk is made by actual faeries, with the beautiful lilting harmonies and subtle progressive diversions that only small, winged beasties can perform properly. Gentle, with an edge; sitting atop the same cloud as the more mystical Bunyan, Perhacs, or even Bob Trimble compositions. Quiet, but lush with crisp acoustics leading hand percussion and other exotic instrumentation to the sea shore. This is truly an incredible string band, whose jaw-droppingly beautiful album will hopefully have new initiates seeking out the group's several previous releases. Beware, however, as playing this album may result in a bad case of Green Men.