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Artist: Edward Ka-Spel

Fragments of Illumina

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My Space listen
The End of Everything(part one) listen
The End of Everything(part two) listen
Sticks and Stones listen
Yet Another fragment listen


The Decline And Fall Of Western Civilization: The Ka-Spel Years. Finally, Edward lets his inner hescher rock out! Of course, Edward's take on headbanging is not the same as your grandparents's take on headbanging. Somewhere in the nexus where Guru Guru and Pierre Schaeffer smoke tea together festers the kind of thrash that Thee Prophet creates for the heavy metal parking lot of the mind. And this, but a fragment of the Fragments. This strange, deeply dynamic new album sort of amounts to a best-of-what-Edward-does: an epic, melancholic acid folk lament; a surreal story/tone poem; a driving, metallic krautrock mining operation; quiet, floating ambiences; deep, pulsing electronic freakouts; freeform fusion freakouts. Fragments also features the best use of the term 'Lonesome Crow' in a sentence since the Scorpions. Despite being infused with enough humour to almost be considered an EKS HBO comedy special, Fragments is chock chock full of char charred avant garde angst. Scads of delicious, nutritious concrete electronics spanning hyper minimal INA-GRM abstractions to pulsating electro-copters flying somewhere over Sand's Golem-land Amazement Park. Edward's sense of sonic smell is so acute of late that he's able to wander from The Andromeda Strain into Amon Duul II in the flicker of a cochlea. In fact, the tiny timbral details and their placements are so precise and innovative that we fear we may not even HAVE the physical capacity to hear everything that has been snuck into the crevices. A truly astral experimental statement that successfully reevaluates psych and the avant garde for use in the 21st century. Fragments rocks, like a hurricane!