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Artist: Pepe Wismeer

Between Sheep & Pigs

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Tracklist & Samples

Phthalates listen
Tame Squash listen
Let a Gang Do it listen
Sinewless Crush listen
Hubbubs listen
A Lie in Heckless listen
Devilame listen
Les Maisons listen
Topland listen
Musique listen
Cavel Eye listen
Why Do Dogs listen
Manly Fact listen
Sheeptype listen


Includes the bonus ep "Between Sheep & Pigs (Bonus)" ep. Pigs, in there? Yes, but if you count them, they will become sheep, which is appropriate as Pepe's music is like drifting into a dream. His hushed vocals sigh just beneath the melody, as if he were in camera with woodland deities. The music moves with patient strides, sometimes swelling to sudden crescendos, accompanied by electronic scrapes and coughs. A slightly damaged, spare, chamber folk-psych, whose distant cousins can be found in the darkly tender moments infused in early Psychic TV/Current 93/Coil, or in the atmospheric postures of Antony & the Johnsons. "Between Sheep & Pigs," like actual sheep & pigs, is a real grower.