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Artist: Ilitch

La Maieutique Do La Quantique

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Tracklist & Samples

La maieutique des cantiques listen
La maieutique de la quantique listen
Le cantique de la maieutique listen
La quantique des cantiques listen
La quantique de la maieutique listen
Le cantique de la quantique listen


All new Ilitch studio recording! An horrific grandchild springs from the magma: Ilitch'll itch your progadelic scratch with its well manicured talons of fire. This Ilitchian renaissance zigs deep space experimental and zags full metal Zuehl. Electronics chirp and howl like the opening coda of Susperia, then explode into Weidorje intensity fuzz violence, cheered on by a pecussive force that sounds like Mussolini being kicked to death. The shifting interplay between total rockers and extraterrestrial missions makes this a powerful release. The concrete tracks reek of classic Kraut weirdness, punctuated by noises that could only come from the melt that is Ilitch. Brutal, tribal rhythms drift in with seering psychedelic squalls, ebbing into the groans of dying satellites. Sometimes it takes a Gaul to have the gall to create something so deliciously avant garde. Allons enfants de la Patrie, la jour d'Illitch est arrive!