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Artist: Earthmonkey

Alms of Morpheus

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Tracklist & Samples

Scene Not Heard listen
Sweet Lightning Juice listen
Mothership listen
Virtual Insight listen
I'm Just A Naked Man Screaming Here listen
Larva Lamp listen
Break It Down listen
Alms of Morpheus listen
It's Down listen
Hed Phood listen
Glespie's Rheum listen
Mudskip Moonstop listen
Hed People listen
Hed Phood for Phat People listen
Bounce listen
New Cheese listen
Wade Your Magic Pond listen
Night Blossom listen


Includes two bonus tracks not found on the CD or LP ed. The Bog is back and Bogger than ever. His cavity inducing Krystil-clear psych riffs, suspended in jellied electronics are anything but Earthly. Peat and Repeat were sitting on a bridge. Peat fell off. Into infinity. Here's the map. Rinse and repeat. Bog has a real talent both for playing and composition. His musicks are weighted with heavy doses of classic late 60's lysergic lytergics, but his brand of 'delics are uniquely scented by the new millenium. Cosmic, deep, spiraling, melodic, contagious, sexy, weird, rock, roll, trance, pants. Earthmonkey wields these and more. The Monkey lays down on Broadway. To sleep, perchance to dream of Morpheus.<.p>