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Artist: Nick Grey

Spin Vows Under Arch

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Tracklist & Samples

King Flood (The Slide) listen
Miller, 1918 listen
Your Greatest Hunger listen
Black Paper, Mountain listen
Couvre-Feu listen
Italian Cities Fight Smog listen
La Zone Battue listen
Setting Expectations listen
Porno Drone (Evil Spiders Have Put A Curse On Our Garden) listen


The opening growl is so like a stomache churn that an immediate restart was needed to ensure that the noise was not physiological. And thus unfolds the bizarre tonal kerchief of Nick Grey. A great host of talent was enlisted to complete this project including: Charlemagne Palestine, Martyn Bates, Jean Marie Mathoul, Jessica Constable et al. Fortunately, Nick sidesteps the pitfalls of a multi-vocalist endeavor by sewing the various excursions together to form a united whole. The low spark of fuzzed guitars, married with ecumenical drones, navigates haloed ports, each guarded by its own siren song. Beautiful, subdued vocal performances (some spoken) add colour to the clouds, as do the well drawn-out spaces in between the voices. This method of carving space has a relative in Cindytalk, vis a vis the patient accumulation of sound traveling like a carefully paced brooding force; un-tethered and given emotional exclamation at cardinal points throughout the album. By the mid section when Martyn Bates’ soulful charms are brought to the breach, Spin Vow’s quiet momentum is unstoppable and seeps in like rain water to hungry soil. There is also a playful Derek Jarman-ness when the recordings intentionally seem a little raw (and with the slight tug at the curtain offered by some well placed drops of studio banter). Sometimes voices really DO carry.