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Artist: Edward Ka-Spel

A Long Red Ladder To The Moon

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Tracklist & Samples

Black Widow's Kiss listen
Space Rock, (Parts 1-2) listen
Mechanical Sam listen
Flipside listen
Hey Rainman listen
Gone Subterranean (Parts 1 and 2) listen
It's Just A Job listen
Never Say Never listen
Treehugger (Parts 1 and 2) listen


A resonance of weightless ascension? More like an old kit bag full of songs and ruminations made to be sung whilst climbing, hoping for a taste of green cheese. The first slithering modulations on “A Long Red Ladder to the Moon” declares Edward’s lunar journey, but the squelch of satellites is soon broken by a slow cadence, like the funerary trudge of VU's "Venus In Furs," whereafter Edward begins serenading his way to the great, smiling crescent. The second chapter is a more classic, sequenced electronic work-song with deeply searing psychedelics fueling its molten core (one could almost visualize a Pierre et Gilles video of Edward laddering his way skyward). 6 more simmering vespers follow on in magnificent elctro-colour, some of which would not seem out of place in an adventurous club setting. Dark, sweet and cosmic, Edward's new batch of tunes may be a superior choice for what SETI sends out as signals to the universe. Surely orbiting ETs like a good dose of head music now and again. Until the ETs answer, however, we T's can enjoy a little taste of Ed’s slo-mo trip through the stars. And to les etoiles shall be all the quicker transported those who fancy a focused listening, for “A Long Red Ladder to the Moon” is truly one of the most stunning headphone albums since the invention of stereo. Ladder" is more a book of actual songs, the cosmos can be heard chiming in throughout, especially as quiet post scripts and preambles to the verses. At close range the universe squeaks and chirps clearly between, around and within Edward's soliloquies. Like "Malachai" or "Rock N Roll Station" “A Long Red Ladder to the Moon” is filled with sonorous leavings so suddenly vivid that they seem to ejaculate from the speaker right into your tea! Even central melodic statements get such a thorough electronic tweaking that it sometimes seems that Edward may be silver surfing to the moon via your living room. There are enough expansions and abstracts here to strip the tiles off a space shuttle, but it is the music that is the true power of this record. Some of Edward's richest and most appealing compositions are married to his absolutely innovative synthetics with an emotional cherry on top. “A Long Red Ladder to the Moon is such a delicious comet that it may be the moon is descending the ladder to Edward! Cosmonauts: “Ladder” is the Sputnik your Laika has been craving and is sure to put a bustle in your hedgerow.