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Artist: Nadja

Under the Jaguar Sun

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Under the Jaguar (Zaireeka Mix)
sun6wormwood (Edward Ka-Spel Mix)
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sun2windstorm listen
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Available for download are the two albums that form 'Under the Jaguar Sun', the bonus CD side from the vinyl version mixed by Edward Ka-Spel and the hour long 'Under the Jaguar Sun 'Zaireeka Mix" which mixes album one and two together for a third album of music. over 3.5 hours of music.
“Night and day, you are the one. Only you beneath the moon or under the Jaguar Sun…” Now you’re messing with a sun of a bitch. Let’s count backwards. The second disc in this set “Quetzalcoatl” diffuses into the air an alien vocabulary of electronicesque gargles and hums. A soundtrack made from the residue left after a subterranean dowsing for the echoes of collapsing stars. These disembodied post-transmissions form up in a Minerva’s Web of sunken Titanic ghosts, slow moaning as from distant caverns. Disc one of the set, “Tezcatlipoca” is the actual collapsing of stars. Or, perhaps the exploding majesty of every day’s new sun being reborn, as it once again defeats those Xibilba’s and rises to arc through its dominion again. This monstrous soul goes from grumbling angrily to mowing the heavens. Parts even cross into early Swans territory with aggressively fractured pacing. But all roads lead to the final track which is an epic length doom metal anthem of sweating proportions. Wave after wave of crushing fuzz slowly pummel speakers into diamonds and rust. A relentless solar rotorvating blasterpiece. Which brings us to part 3 of this 2 album set. Both albums have been composed to also be played simultaneously, in a much more useable fashion than the Zaireekas of the world. So, if “Tezcatlipoca” is overground and “Quetzalcoatl” is underground (or, more likely, the reverse) their combination must be all things….and no things. Maybe the sound of the end of things. The resultant juxtaposition is a colossal celestial being smiling down on all he tramples.