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Artist: Head Resonance Company

19 Tracks for Unknown People

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Geld ist Macht listen
Auf de Reeperbahn listen
Du Bist Jung listen
Oh Mutter Maria listen
Ich unde meine Mammaschine listen


Arbeit Macht Fry! Head Resonance Company’s swirling miasma of minimal electronics is more than an NDW high wasser mark; it is Teutons of fun. Their Sturm is a little bit DAF and their Drang, a little bit Liaisons Dangereuses (and their Ja Jawohl, a little bit Esplendor Geometrico). Head Resonance Company was formed not only as a musical project, but as an all out art collective, so their particular brand of minimal synth carries a pilsnered reek of experimentalism that raises their standard a bit above the coldwave rank and file of the day. Fairly revolutionary for the 1980-1984 period in which these tracks were recorded, the proto 4-to-the-floor industrialisms are cut with powerful electro noise blitzes. Fantastic synthetic sounds, beats and effects throughout. HRC uber alles!
In the year 1978 Peter Elsner and Benjamin Heidersberger started the HEAD RESONANCE COMPANY as an interdisciplinary art and research project which concerns itself with the implementation of ideas and the study of the laws of how an idea is realized in space and time. Between 1978- 84 the HEAD RESONANCE Company worked in different areas of art: photo, video, graphics, installation, performance, documentation, provocation, concepts, concerts, electronic music, and experimental vocal sound project to the present (HEAD RESONANCE (1979-84, 1999- )).