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Artist: Expo '70

Sonic Messenger

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Tracklist & Samples

The Gathering listen
Velvet Prisms of the Shoshone
Amplifying Umbras listen
Whisper Of Ancient Oaks
Analog Dreamscape listen
The Expansion Into Structures
Hamadryad listen
I Nzambi Awaken listen
Your Beard is Growing Psychic listen
Journey to the Sun listen
Chandra listen
Temple of the Shadow listen


The album "Sonic Messenger" and bonus album "Infinite Macrocosm". What if the Voyager space craft became sentient? Would it destroy humanity? Who is to say it wouldn’t become the most far-out musician of the galaxy? Expo ‘70’s sonic reach seems to extend past even the concept of space/time itself. One Eno Eon past normal, the patter of Expo ‘70’s dark matter squeaks and moans in wave forms, like the Doppler buzz of an armada of flying fortresses piercing through the black vacuum. A fiery comet tail of piercing Kraut flavored psych trails behind. The whistles of cosmic winds commingle with acid fury as the Expo ‘70 command craft slowly leads the armada in for a truly great gig in the sky. Ambience morphs into a monstrous, heavy psychedelic blaze colour of Big Bang proportions. Eventually, the searing doom-crush folds in on itself until, once again, only the spheres patiently whisper from the deep. After which, a quantum of solace resonates with the frequency of the earth below us; drifting, falling; floating weightless; calling, calling home.