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Artist: Nadja

Belles Betes

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Tracklist & Samples

Sand Like Skin listen
Beautiful Machine listen
Machina listen
Chainsaw listen
Green and Cold listen
Wound Culture listen


Warning: not recommended for listening in buildings without earthquake retrofitting: Nadja’s doom-fuzz may crack foundations and/or reduce nearby objects to jelly. However, Nadja, here performing a quartet of solo Aidan Baker covers, maintains a certain melodic balance within the throat-clearing guitar lurches which levitates the heavy, like the most graceful pterodactyl-flying-off-with-a-dead-baby-Icthyasaur you have ever seen. Especially when his voice cuts in, the low-end maraud transforms into a sweet continuo that seems like stoner-metal chewing on 4AD’s ear. A grinding thump into the clouds which proves there ARE beautiful uglies.