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Artist: One Starving Day

Atlas Coelestis

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Meridians listen
The Drift of Andromeda listen
Black:Black listen
Descending Orion listen
An Evil Light listen
Disclosure/Radiance listen
Aurora listen
Atlas Coelestis listen


In the celestial map of metal, there is, of course, a Big Dipper (Metallica),; but there is also the rare and mysterious Scutum (One Starving Day). OSD’s obscure place in the Heavens makes for an interesting study. Almost a sort of Metal-In-Opposition, OSD’s progressive/avant-garde tactics pit the glottal plosives of black metal against cosmic atmospherics. The star compound thus formed exhibits some characteristics of the martial brutality of early Swans, with the cinematic aromas of Mogwai, suspended in an Arcturus/Isis matrix. Rasped vocals make appearances throughout, but only at intervals against beds of spacey electronics, pummeling guitars, tribal thunder, swelling strings, free-from freak-outs and minimalist drones. Which, maybe, doesn’t really make it metal after all - just a unique and visceral spectral explosion at the edge of the galaxy. "One Starving Day project started in the 1997, from a view of Pasquale Foresti that, after previous experiences in some hardcore bands, decided to take up a new artistic course. In the beginning the One Starving Day were: Pasquale Foresti (vocals, samples and bass) and Marco Milucci (guitar), which joined immediately Francesco Gregoretti (drums). The attempt to find a new guitarist resolved with Andrea Bocchetti (a long date friend), in 1999, and after another year, Dario Foresti (synths, samples and vocals) completed the band. Originally the band kept a definite musical line, that was characterized by an extreme violent sonority. Nowadays the attitude of One Starving Day can be lad back to the hardcore one, even if the musical influences that can easily be found are multiple. Having their music described like an hybrid between Neurosis and GSYBE!, O.S.D. put themselves as a multiform ensemble opened to different music styles. The impact is definitely dark and claustrophobic, but the long suites of the band alternates between hardcore basic structure, "cosmic" openings and deep and calm intimacy. Following their appearance in the compilation Emo Diaries 7 (Me Against The World) - Deep Elm Records - in 2002 with the song Animus the first album Broken Wings Lead Arms To The Sun has been released by Planaria Recordings in early 2006. In their first full length O.S.D. condense great part of their influences in nearly 50 minutes of music creating a suggestive, warm, slow and inexorable magma, amalgamating sounds differing from each other in order to obtain a complex and mature emotional spectre, trying to be deep and of impact, but never pompous. The band is preparing at the moment the material for the second album that will be recorded in april and july 2007. Thanks, O.S.D."