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Artist: Edward Ka-Spel

O'er A Shalabast'r Tyde Strolt Ay

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O' Riley's Comet listen
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A shalabast'r tyde, like unto pantent leather shoes, really doth shyne up. Reflected in the waves are twinkling stars; a smirking harvest moon; herds of passing clouds and hazey pink dots, like legends burned against eyelids after a long stare into an errant brightness. Ka-Spel's penchant for musical procreation is further fathered via this, another outstanding experimental recording. Fading into a subatomic rumble, "Shalabast'r" sneaks into a quiet Edwardian waltz that sneaks into a fragmented sampling autoclave. If nothing else, Edward's always been a little sneaky. Maybe that's why he wears sneakers. At any rate, his cosmic overdoses are more subdued than the psychedelic damage inflicted by the full LPD ensemble, but virtuoso electronic manipulation combined with an ever deepening voice fosters a tonal child who's prodigious growth is enough to rattle the bones of mothers. And when Pandaemonium seems ready to pour out, angels appear, in the form of a vocal scented breeze that feels like walking out into the quiet stasis of sunlit, rain wet streets after a night of storm. Refelcted in the pools are leafless trees; shards of morning glow; herds of pasing clouds and a perfectly mysterious face. And, in the tradition of an "Horrific Child," the cover's exploding dramatic visage dances out like a Gagaku mask donned by a Louis Wain character as drawn during one of his latter day episodes of schizophrenia (or was it enlightenment; a true passion too often discounted as madness by the lost)."