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Artist: Edward Ka-Spel

Hey Rainman (First Version)

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Hey Rainman (First Version)
A Rainy Afternoon In 2001


“A Long Red Ladder to the Moon” is filled with sonorous leavings so suddenly vivid that they seem to ejaculate from the speaker right into your tea! Even central melodic statements get such a thorough electronic tweaking that it sometimes seems that Edward may be silver surfing to the moon via your living room. There are enough expansions and abstracts here to strip the tiles off a space shuttle, but it is the music that is the true power of this record. Some of Edward's richest and most appealing compositions are married to his absolutely innovative synthetics with an emotional cherry on top. “A Long Red Ladder to the Moon is such a delicious comet that it may be the moon is descending the ladder to Edward! Cosmonauts: “Ladder” is the Sputnik your Laika has been craving and is sure to put a bustle in your hedgerow.