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Artist: Fat Harlingen


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Pre The Earlies project featuring John-Mark Lapham. "Black" offers 2 sidelong tracks (and one short epilogue) of minimalist aggression that builds towers up and tears playhouses down. Like old Rhys Chatham and Glenn Branca with lashings of Justin Broderick and/or Steve Reich and/or those repetitive Michael Gira bits at the ends of Swans songs thrown in, each piece rises and swells, pulse by pulse, until a giant golem of music encases everything in its shadow and is finally sent off to do the bidding of its master ("go bring me rare records!"). Fat is Phat!
The last two pieces are from the soundtrack to: *Fat Harlingen's award winning 'Dolby / Twin' was filmed in the Fall of 1998 in Los Angeles, California on a modest budget. The film was directed by John-Mark and Lauren Lapham, with Steve Kenneston handling lighting and direction of photography. This was Lapham's first film project, while Steve and Lauren had worked on several 'proper' Hollywood projects, including "The Big Lebowski" and "Armageddon".