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'Casualite' was written mostly in the Early Parts of 2005, spanning a time during which the band felt personally an encroaching resignation about politics and their own interests in fighting a domestic ideological battle. These songs form a sort of vague propaganda, and speak the vernacular of failure, confusion, and the lack of personal locomotion. There is a cloud that surrounds these Early Days of The New Millennium, and it is impossible to see beyond the cloud to what history will record as our collective destiny. 'Casualite' is an expression of this idea. Are we tyrants? Misunderstood sub-royalty? Lazy to a fault? Will animals inhabit our domiciles, sighing a relived sigh, after we are all gone? About Astrophagus: Astrophagus had their beginnings in the mid eighties, when founding members Jason and Josh Cain recieved a Yamaha Soundbank keyboard for Christmas and began making recordings on their boombox. Fast-forward a couple of decades. The Cain brothers went on to other things, got married, divorced, graduated from college with a degree in finance, things like that. 2003 found them broke and living in a two room apartment in Denver's Capitol Hill neighborhood. With nothing but time and alcohol to keep them company, the Yamaha Soundbank was resurrected from the depths of the basement and Astrophagus was formed with Josh on keyboards and samples and Jason on guitar and vocals. With the addition of David Kurtz on drums and Austin Hein on bass, Astrophagus became a full fledged band that combines electronic and nonelectronic elements, truncated song structures, and short lyrical statements into cohesive relevant emotional outlays. Since forming, Astrophagus have played countless rock shows at the finest venues in Denver and the western region, and have shared the stage with numerous nationally touring acts such as Dressy Bessy, Aqueduct, Parker and Lily, Crystal Skulls, and Echoset, among others.