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Beequeen - Six Inside listen Buy Song ($1)
Humectant Interruption - Bestesends listen Buy Song ($1)
Illusion of Safety - Ground Two listen Buy Song ($1)
Nucleo - Sign On listen Buy Song ($1)
Aranos - That Which Is The listen Buy Song ($1)
Nucleo - Gal-fel listen Buy Song ($1)
Rapoon - Teilmenge listen Buy Song ($1)
Scanner - Continuum listen Buy Song ($1)
C. Renou - Land Of Confusion listen Buy Song ($1)


Exclusive tracks by: Beequeen, Aranos, Illusion of Safety, Asmus Tietchens, Scanner, Rapoon, M. Behrens, C. Renou, Humectant Interruption for the Soundvision gallery space. Journey through a body. No, no, no...get your fingers out of there and put that TG record away. The Tribryd project truly IS a journey through a body the human body; sub atomic bodies; the body of time; a body of work; a body of art. This CD assembles some of the brightest lights from the underground's darkest sonic corners to aurally help him complete the double helix he has set out to construct with his own visual aminos. Beta-Lactam is pleased to be able to release this unique and exclusive collection in conjunction with the first part of the Tribryd gallery exhibition, set to open in September at Soundvision gallery in fabulous Portland, Oregon. A lifelong fascination with the shadowy underbelly of the music world has ever fueled a visual body of art, culminating in the opening of the Soundvision gallery and, even further, in the ambitious Tribryd project. This alchemical marriage OF sound and vision weaves itself into a sublime DNA that is designed to resonate, grow and thrive as a body. Tribryd is a journey through that body. There is, of course, the body of time spent creating Tribryd. There is the body that is the three part realisation of Tribryd. And then there are also the individual bodies of sound and vision that both unite into a whole, but also operate as bodies unto themselves. The cues inspired in these sound artists are a rare synchronicity, whereby the Tribryd CD is an unbelievably cohesive and moving body of organic sound. Compilations can be notoriously uneven, but HMS Tribryd is a solid vessel from stem to stern. The artists; Beequeen, Humectant Interruption, Illusion Of Safety, Aranos, M Behrens, Rapoon, Asmus Tietchens, Scanner and C Renou, pulse through the 3 movements of the Tribryd opus (Genometrics, Nucleo and Infinitus; each to be presented as a separate gallery exhibition but joined together on this CD...all specifically recorded for this project) like blood pumping in and out of the heart. If you have preconceived notions about any of the groups listed, you might be surprised. The body of sound that is Tribryd SOUNDS of a body. The sounds of catalysts, reactions, cells, platelets, plasma, proteins fusing, atomic bonds forming and breaking. Body, body, body, body, BODY!